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imageHello Dolly Friends! 

Welcome to my blog where I like to post everything and anything related to finding, collecting, and displaying dolls, miniatures, and various small trinkets. This is a no judgement zone for those of us who believe that you’re never “too old to play with dolls“!  


My First Isul: Andrew


Let me introduce you to my newest arrival, Isul Lir Nostalgia. I renamed him Andrew and he is just the most darling little guy!

This doll is everything I read about and hoped for. His hair is a lovely shade of light reddish-brown. His face-up is delicate and innocent looking with brown eyes and long eye lashes. His red sailor outfit, which is not pictured here, fits him nicely and is very well made.

I mentioned a couple of items I ordered for him in a previous post and here they are:

Blue Dino Hoodie- “The Dollie Boutique”  Etsy shop.

Black Skinny Jeans “Falling Sakura” Etsy shop.


Black Unicorn Hoodie- “The Dollie Boutique” Etsy shop.

Green Plaid Dropcrotch Pants- “Falling Sakura” Etsy shop.

Adorable or what?

These items are so well made and very reasonably priced. I’m really looking forward to finding lots more cute outfits for this little sweetie!

Dollie Customs: BABYMETAL!

I’m so excited today!

Not only did I receive a much anticipated custom order, but I also FINALLY tried out my new Canon that’s been sitting in the box for 7 months. Whoo-hoo!

Seriously though, I can’t say enough about how much I love these BABYMETAL-inspired dresses. They were custom-made by the wonderful and talented dollwear designer at FallingSakura on Etsy. I wanted outfits like the ones below for my Pullip and Dals but knew I didn’t have the skill to make them myself.


“Gimme Chocolate!” 



BABYMETAL Pullip-style! 

Having purchased many outfits for my Taeyang dolls over the past year from FallingSakura, I knew the style and workmanship would be great. I messaged her with my request and some photos and she created three sets of stage outfits and accessories for an extremely reasonable price.

Here’s a closer look:


Abbey as MoaMetal.


Annabel as SuMetal.


And here’s Penny as YuiMetal.

I’m super happy with how these dresses turned out. I ordered these outfits with the intention of making the BABYMETAL members from Groove MIO kits. I’ll have to do another post when I eventually complete that project!

I’m still not ready to do a full customization from scratch yet, but I’m thinking that once I get the wigs, shoes and bodies I’m just gonna go ahead and do it…

Until then I’ll just keep on practicing face-ups and work on learning photography. Stay tuned!

I’m Expecting!

LOL! Yes, that’s right.

I’m expecting a new delivery any day now, and it’s a BOY!

For the last two years I’ve been looking at Groove’s Isul dolls trying to decide which one I thought was the cutest. Not an easy task! Again and again, I’ve come back to Isul Lir Nostalgia as my favorite:

Lir Nostalgia was released in 2013. He’s an adorable red-haired boy with innocent brown eyes; an unusual combination that I just love! His stock outfit is an old-fashioned red sailor suit with brass buttons and lots of fancy trims.  He will be my very first Isul doll so I’m very excited for him to arrive on my doorstep!

I can hardly wait to dress him in new clothes so I’ve been browsing on Etsy where I found these cool and kawaii hoodies from The Dollie Boutique:


Blue Monster Hoodie (fangs not included). Photo courtesy of The Dollie Boutique



Black Unicorn Hoodie- a rare find!     (Photo courtesy of The Dollie Boutique)



T-Shirt w/ Long Striped Sleeves       (Photo courtesy of The Dollie Boutique)


Super Cute or what??? My favorite thing here is the little black claws on the ends of the blue monster hoodie sleeves, RAWRRR!

The prices were also very reasonable. I love shopping on Etsy! I’m looking forward to my new arrival and I’ll be sure to post some pics of my Pullips welcoming him to DollyMama’s World.



Hold up.  Stop the Press!

I just found my ultimate grail, must-have doll.

And here she is:


Is she gorgeous, or what?  I am absolutely obsessed!

As I said in my previous post, these dolls are difficult to get here in the U.S. but I am hoping that with a bit of luck, persistence (and possibly some begging), I will be able to purchase this Floral Dreamer Girl. Her chocolate brown hair, big starry eyes, pink coral lips and cheeks perfectly compliment her deep tan complexion. She is Super Kawaii!

Here’s a short video clip: Lovely Tan Floral Dreamer Girl

Wanted: Dreamer Floral Girl❤️



I just recently came across the most beautiful, retro-style dolls while doing a Google search for Ayumi Uyama dolls. They are made by a Korean artist named Lee Jun Hee and they are simply gorgeous! Here is a short video: Floral Dreamer Girl.

Unfortunately, these dolls are not being shipped to the U.S. at this time. I did find a couple of them on eBay but the prices were very high! Still, I find these dolls super cute and hope to own a pretty brunette some day…